Dmitry Shumoved.
Electronic musician, remixer, beatboxer. Born in 1982 in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), USSR. He began studying music as a child, sang in the choir, studied piano, a little guitar, and at the same time mastered the technique of playing the drum set in the school ensemble.
With the arrival of a wave of electronic experimental music in Russia in the 90s, he became interested in this culture, and 1999 is the date of the first recorded track, although experiments with digital sound began in 1996.

Obtained, including from the radio circle of knowledge, was enough for the school student Dima to assemble a 2-channel mono-mixer connected to two cassette players. The design fits perfectly in a suitcase, school discos were held on it.

Dmitry decided to keep the nickname "Shumoved" after one incident: on New Year's Eve 2000, when demonstrating the next track to friends after his words about the change in the method of creating tracks from pure music to noise-sound - one of his friends said about Dmitry - "you are a Shumoved".) Since then, the musician has been proud to be a noisy man, because the Shumoved () is a combination of the words ""(Noise) and ""(Lead).

The style of Shumoved's tracks can't be characterized in any narrow way. Most of the works show the author's desire for a straightforward bit. In some works, a broken rhythm or even an ambient sound can be heard. The author is also absorbed in the question of special unique sounding of each track separately.
photo collage.

Download and listen to music from online stores and streaming services (Bandcamp, itunes, amazon, spotify, deezer, google music and others). This is the most effective way to say thank you, because music, unlike temporary employment jobs replaced by Shumoved in the past life, is where Shumoved always puts his heart and soul into it.

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